Importance of Salesforce Integration with Business Applications

Salesforce needs no introduction. It has made a niche for itself as one of the most widely used enterprise CRM tools, which guarantees a successful and enriching customer relationship management throughout the sales cycle. From a business continuity perspective, it becomes important to have seamless integration with Salesforce and other business applications such as ERP, marketing automation, finance, operations, e-commerce and supply chain. The role of salesforce integration is highly significant, let’s see why.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) probably forms the backbone of enterprise operations. Integrating Salesforce with an ERP (SAP, Oracle etc.) helps in synchronizing the data between them which saves a lot of time, cuts down on manual error and promotes inter-functions information consistency. The Salesforce-ERP integration makes sure all the customer records mentioned in Salesforce automatically gets populated in the ERP eliminating the manual efforts of maintaining the same information.

Initially, point-to-point integration was done to connect Salesforce with a specific application. But as the magnitude of applications increased, it became difficult to add more integrations with this approach. Therefore, a Salesforce integration method was needed which can connect applications quickly to run the business efficiently.

Many solution providers such as DXchange Integration Cloud are providing out-of-box Salesforce connector that can be easily integrated with any applications hosted either on-prem or in the cloud with a simple click and configuration approach. The integration is deployed quickly without involving an enterprise IT team.

DXchange Salesforce connector comes with some unique features such as –

• Introspection – This feature enables the customers to send a request to the API endpoint to dynamically download the metadata with Salesforce. Thus, it lets the customer view the event metadata by establishing a dynamic connection with Salesforce. Every customer has their customized requirements and through introspection, they can access the events and objects from their Salesforce instance.

• Platform Events – DXchange Salesforce connector supports platform events that trigger an alert to the end-user as soon as an event happens in Salesforce and thus enables real-time integration. This real-time business intelligence generated helps an enterprise to remain at the top of its customer’s acquisition lifecycle and make it possible to automate its business process.

• DX Plugs – This lets you create reusable entities which can be defined once and can be re-used multiple times within one single process or multiple processes. This functionality helps in building Salesforce operations which can be saved into components and can be used in future operations. These components can be selected and deployed as an individual unit in the designer canvas of the integration platform with an easy application of few clicks.

Enterprise productivity gains new heights with Salesforce integration. It ascertains the same information is available within all the applications and saves precious man-hours by eliminating the need for human intervention for copying and pasting the information. This greatly reduces the manual error and gives an instant boost to enterprise productivity. The time saved can be used by employees to focus on customers’ needs and other strategic tasks.

Whatever initiatives an enterprise undertakes, the customer always remains at the helm of its focus and attention. With Salesforce integration, an enterprise builds a strong foundation for customer support and long-term customer relationships. It brings the disparate systems together as data available in different applications get consolidated and give away a unified view of your customer.

In times, when a customer’s buying cycle is determined by many factors, having all the relevant customer/prospects information at your one-click disposal is of prime importance. As businesses look to have an edge in the highly competitive markets, salesforce integration is the go-to solution for most of them. No organization, irrespective of its size, its operative industry can ignore the benefits of salesforce integration as they move further in scaling their business operations and converting more prospects into customers.

DXchange integration platform provides a no-code out-of-box Salesforce connector. To know more, contact us!

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