Integration Connectors: Pay for the Platform and not the Application Endpoints

Every integration platform offers a vast range of out-of-box connectors to enable businesses to connect their applications or data sources. In other words, connectors bring the entire business ecosystem together and solve the complex integration use-cases.

An enterprise generally needs connectors for either of the following –

• To send and/or receive data from applications or data sources
• To connect to a specific application using a specific protocol and exchange data using a specific data format

Most of the integration platform providers in the market offer out-of-box connectors that let you seamlessly connect to applications hosted in a hybrid environment and make your life easy! The humongous business data has led to the emergence of multiple applications operating in the business landscape. Thus, deploying custom connectors to cater to any specific integration scenarios won’t be effective when it comes to tackling complex integration cases involving multiple applications running at the same time. These applications form the backbone of a business; hence effective communication between the applications is needed to ensure business continuity.

Let’s look at a business scenario to understand this better. Imagine a scenario where prospect account is created in Salesforce (CRM tool) as an incoming lead. This record needs to be created in My SQL (the internal database), a welcome email needs to be sent to the lead through Pardot (Marketing automation tool) and the sales team need to be apprised about the newest addition through an email (Outlook). Such kind of business scenario needs the integration between CRM, Marketing Automation, Database, and Email. To handle this, one needs to deploy multiple application connectors to make sure the whole workflow gets automated and merely deploying a specialized connector wouldn’t be enough.

Generally, the current integration platforms in the market come with a commercial usage license fee that is charged basis per connector. As the business needs are ever-growing, the value proposition offered in such a model diminishes when an enterprise looks out to buy more connectors to integrate their large number of applications. This puts up a restriction and elongates the integration process as an enterprise have to procure individual connectors every time it plans to scale up its applications environment.

On the other hand, DXchange Integration Platform offers a fully comprehensive suite of integration connectors that can help you handle such complex business scenarios effectively and that too with a flat subscription model. When you use DXchange integration connectors, you pay for the integration platform as a whole and get access to the full range of connectors that the platform supports. In a way it lets you explore the complete functionality of the integration platform without worrying about scaling up or procuring individual application/technology connectors for complex cases.

DXchange connectors accelerate your enterprise’s digital transformation journey with a vast range of the out-of-the-box connectors/solutions. It enables you to quickly build and deploy powerful, secure and reusable integration solutions on a no-code platform. With a flat fee subscription for its integration platform, DXchange supports cloud to on-prem connectivity to integrate both cloud apps and on-prem applications.

Gone are the days when only a user from the IT side was responsible for deploying integrations. These days even the users at the business side of the company are equal shareholders when it comes to the implementation of the business processes, and not just driving the business decision making. DXchange Integration Platform supports this cause and empowers a business analyst to deploy integrations at par with an IT user. With a large library of connectors and a powerful integration platform, a business user can design and develop the integrations through a click and configure approach, thus contributing towards enterprise’s efficiency.

The benefits of an integrated system are enormous. It pushes an enterprise on the path of automation. A smart and powerful integration platform with integration connectors can do wonders for your business scalability with seamless connectivity between your application, data and processes.

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