Mobile Application benefits for Supply Chain Management

Monitoring Supply chain information could well be confined to laptops, PCs etc; as an ongoing trend. Due to the inflexibility in this monitoring, a breakthrough is surely down the line. Hence the emergence of the mobile supply chain application is bound to happen for its flexible usage and is an upcoming trend where the devices using these apps could outnumber the users by a ratio 26:1 by the year 2025.


Portability: Users will be able to fetch the data and amend them wherever they go. Users will also be able to check the status of various processes at any time by parsing through the app and getting auto notified. Also, signing off on a collaboration or a relationship with a Partner is not too tedious.

Real – Time Updates: Usually generating and fetching reports, finding the root cause and fixing them takes some time. Thanks to Data Analytics, which can surpass the time taken for generating and fetching reports at a click away. Thus, enabling the user to be more aware of the instances and finally decreasing the reaction time.

Flexibility and Precision: Usage of these mobile applications enables the Users to connect and work on-the-go, without requiring the User to be at their workplace. And the usage of the application enables the user to track the location of the shipment. Overall, the flexibility, precision and modus operandi are ought to improve through these mobile applications.

The mobile app gets all the above-mentioned tasks done fast with no hassles. It smoothens the communication among the various teams in and across Organisations.

We at DXchange provide scalable and optimized Mobile application for our Integration Product which provides ease to the Business Users in collaborations, analytics and decision making which reflects in saving time and increase in productivity.

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