A Comprehensive SAP Plugin for SAP Integration by DXchange Integration Cloud

For enterprises having SAP as their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a crucial component of their business strategy as it forms the backbone of an enterprise’s business processes. However, a bigger concern is the integration of SAP with other important non-SAP business applications such as CRM (for instance SAP – Salesforce integration) or supplier management systems, financial systems, purchase order systems, etc.

Why integrate SAP with other business applications?

The reason is simple – to derive the utmost synergies in your business efforts through integrating business applications and get the maximum value out of your SAP and third-party applications. SAP is an extremely powerful ERP which gives you deep insights on the strategic areas of your business processes. Moreover, with the increasing adoption of SaaS(software-as-a-service) applications, it becomes important to remove technological differences and have a seamless connection between SAP and other on-premises/ cloud-centric applications.

DXchange Integration Cloud offers a comprehensive SAP connector(plugin) that offers complete SAP connectivity and helps you to exchange real-time business data between SAP systems and other applications, databases, or external business partner systems. Here is a look at the functionality supported by DXchange SAP plugin –

1. Intermediate Docs (IDocs) – IDoc is a standard data structure defined by SAP to easily exchange data/business transactions between SAP and external non-SAP applications. IDocs are processed asynchronously and are a component of Application Link Enabling (ALE) module, which is one of the core integration technologies and involves the exchange of IDOCs between the different systems without having to convert data from one format to another. DXchange SAP Connector lets you seamlessly exchange data and easily transfer data in and out of SAP via IDocs.

2. Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI) – BAPI is a defined interface by SAP for exchanging business data between SAP and other applications. BAPIs are a subset of the Remote Function Calls (RFC) enabled function modules, designed as Application Programming Interface (API) to the SAP business object to be called from external programs. DXchange SAP connector supports BAPI to provide access to processes and data for SAP application integration. Third-party applications can invoke RFCs to establish a connection with SAP for real-time communication.

3. SAP Listener – SAP Listener is a native feature that enables to deliver secure, scalable, and customizable event notifications within SAP through event-driven business processes that execute in real-time. DXchange SAP Plugin passively listens to the events that are happening in the SAP program to receive IDocs published from the SAP system and triggers the process designed on DXchange Integration Cloud for further actions.

Along with the above features which are specific to SAP connectivity, DXchange offers a robust orchestration platform with a graphical data mapper and support for different parsers and application connectors. A combination of these capabilities helps you to take your SAP integration to the next level. Let’s look at each of these in detail –

1. DX Mapper – It is a no-code, graphical interface data mapping tool which supports both structured and unstructured formats. It comes with an extensive set of inbuilt data manipulation functions that caters to complex integration scenarios and let the user apply business logic or transformation rules while doing the integration. Thus, users do not have to rely on any scripting languages or external data mapping tool.

2. Parsers – Enterprises deal with multiple data formats/standards such as XML, JSON, CSV, Delimited Flatfiles, Fixed Width Flatfiles, Hierarchical Flatfiles, EDI and various databases. When you integrate SAP with other applications, you might need a specific data parser to transform the data and map it to the SAP request, and in the other direction for SAP response object to be mapped into a specific data object. DXchange Integration Cloud supports inbuilt parsers to transform data from one format to another for easy integration.

3. Out-of-box Application and Technology Connectors – DXchange Integration Platform offers a comprehensive suite of application connectors that too with a flat subscription model. With a DXchange Integration Cloud, you can seamlessly connect to the following applications.


Category Connectors
CRM Salesforce, Zoho
Project Management Asana, JIRA, Trello, Google Sheets
Content Management Box, Dropbox, Google Cloud
Customer Service Freshdesk, Zendesk
Database JDBC Connector (Databases supported – Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
JMS RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, AmazonSQS, Kafka
IT Service Management ServiceNow
Push Notifications AmazonSNS, Salesforce Platform Events, Salesforce PushTopics. SAP Listener
Technology, APIs & Protocols FTP, HTTP/HTTPS SFTP, Email
Website Analytics Google Analytics


And the list is ever-growing as more and more applications are getting enabled shortly!

DXchange SAP Plugin offers an immense value proposition for comprehensive SAP integration. It leads to better business efficiency and enables an enterprise to integrate systems for an accurate view of business as a whole and build great customer experience.

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