DXchange Integration Cloud

About us

Vision: Accelerate Customer's Digital Transformation

System Integration has never been easy, whether it’s within or outside the Enterprise and has always been a Challenge, which is in turn holding up or delaying the Enterprise’s Digital Initiatives. Integration domain was always close to the IT experts due to complexity, leading to the emergence of iPaaS platforms. iPaaS solutions empower Business users in controlling and managing the integrations. Current set of iPaas solutions are divided into 2 categories, Enterprise ready and SMB workflow automation products. Further, some of the enterprise ready platforms are either close to the Developer Community providing robust features, or close to the Business community lacking support for complex implementations. Hence, the need for a platform which supports every Persona (Citizen Integrator, Ad-Hoc Integrator and IT Expert), and every use case (B2B, Application, Data and IoT) on a single unified platform.

About the Team and our history

Our core team has over 2 decades of experience in Product, Implementation and Infrastructure. We started as services company, helping customers solve complex problems in the Integration domain. We built custom solutions on top of the base product. As a part of the customer engagement process, we realized there is a need for a better solution that accelerates the time to market and yields a better ROI.

We leveraged on the open source framework and with minimal changes we were able to deliver better results. However, it was still time consuming to bridge the gaps in the open source stack that led us to look for a new approach that would help us solve the existing challenges and that is how we started on the exciting journey of DXchange.io

Work With Us

Our casual yet professional environment means employees have best of both worlds. We constantly strive to do things smarter, better and quicker. We value Integrity, Honesty and Respect.