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Actionable insights

DX cloud insights

Amp up your Platform with DXchange Application and
Infrastructure Performance Monitoring solution

DX Insights is a powerful application & infrastructure monitoring solution to monitor your DXchange integration cloud platform. It uses robust analytics in detecting anomalies and helps in continuous performance improvement. It monitors processing time, failure rates, response time, exceptions, diagnostic trace logs, custom KPI’s, SLA’s, cloud infrastructure usage (CPU, Memory, Network, Storage etc).

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Log Based Metrics

Plain text log management is difficult and not user friendly. DXchange provides a robust log management using ELK (Elastic, Logstash & Kibana) stack, provides a real time insight of any log data that you are trying to analyse and understand. It helps in doing root cause analysis with a single click, rather than doing an elaborate analysis of every single log file.
cloud platform integration
cloud platform integration

Cloud Usage Metrics

DXchange provides System/Service/Component availability, response time (provides the clear picture of overall performance of the cloud application), throughput (measured as transaction per second) and ensures all applications run with optimal efficiency, capacity in balancing supply and demand, scalability in order to handle large number of application requests, latency, last but not the least, security due to the nature of the cloud as a shared resource.

Search Related Metrics

Without any extra effort on your side, DXchange supports advanced search by capturing large amounts of data flowing through the system, both structured and unstructured, from any source in any format, and search, analyse and visualize it. Users can save popular search requests/queries and enable auto notifications on them. It uses Elastic search, which is a popular open source distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of querying complex data.
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