Comprehensive Unified Hybrid Integration Platform

Cloud Native Hybrid Integration Platform providing business agility to enterprises by connecting applications, data, devices both on-premises and in the cloud, enabling them to be digitally transformed. It's a Unified Integration Platform for connecting and collaborating with ‘Any platform, Any application, Anywhere’, and supports a Hybrid deployment model with Embedded Collaboration and Integrated Cloud Infrastructure Management.

Cloud Native Application

DXchange Integration Cloud provides Flexibility, Scalability and Maintainability through Containerized, Microservices and Dynamically Orchestrated Business processes. An approach that builds applications as microservices and runs them on containers which can be dynamically orchestrated to utilize the advantages of cloud computing model.

Infrastructure as a Code

To be Agile, elastic and Cloud Native, Dxchange uses programmable infrastructure or “Infrastructure as a Code” approach, to manage and provision both application and infrastructure stack. This approach improves Developer productivity, avoids cloud deployment inconsistencies by managing the state of the deployment/s, and is cloud- agnostic.

Model-driven, No Code

DXchange uses Model Driven Architecture, which provides immense value to the integration projects by gaining flexibility in a heterogenous environment with disparate systems to connect using consistent, model based components. Faster implementations using click and configure approach with No Code approach, supporting Seamless deployment and management of the Integrations.

Intuitive Visual designer for designing Integration flows using low code drag n drop interface. Create APIs for the Integration flows and expose as Assets and enable for discovery. Graphical data transformation capability with auto mapping. Validate flows during design time, run tests and save test cases in the regression suite. Debug integrations on the visual designer while building the flows. Create reusable flows, connections, endpoints and iMaps for faster implementation. Real-time collaboration during design time activities. Create B2B Partner Profiles and Trading Partner Agreements in defining the B2B relationships for exchange of B2B messages. Visual onboarding toolset for onboarding new B2B partners.

Unified User Interface for managing all facets of the Integrations. Managing users, groups, roles and permissions defined in the default security realm. Adding, deleting, assigning roles to groups and users. Centralized User Management provides visibility and control. Managing Polling and Scheduled Events/Triggers. Create, modify and update Project Deployment Jobs along with dependency control. Deploy and Manage Environments supported in the system landscape. Manage Trading Partner Certificates along with receiving proactive notifications for expiring certificates. Managing Cloud Infrastructure including provisioning of the network, storage and compute resources.

DXchange Application Monitoring solution provides complete visibility into Application Performance, protecting your system with real-time error detection and response time. Offers end to end transaction monitoring along with capability of replaying the data flow in the choice of environment. Intuitive Dashboard providing important insights through data mining and data analytics. KPIs to enhance and measure the organization’s strategy. 4 forms of data discovery using spreadsheets, visualization (graphs, charts etc), multi-faceted search mode (data mining of both structured and unstructured data) and advanced visualization (aggregate data, visualize clusters etc).

DXchange Cloud Provisioning and Management enables rapid provisioning and de- provisioning of environments in a self-service manner. Rich set of API’s allows to provision, deprovision, track, manage and monitor provisioned resources. Leveraging Infrastructure as a Code process along with an Intuitive UI for managing the cloud services. Centralized management and reporting of all resources. Deployment of network, storage and compute across multiple servers/services, bringing end users a consistent experience along with providing full Visibility into management tasks post provisioning. These enhancements simplify configuration and deployment, accelerate cloud adoption, bring ability to DevOps deployments, and help transform IT Infrastructure.

Enterprises are embracing the power of transparency and sharing knowledge quickly and easily, inside and outside the enterprise. Embedded Collaboration allows asynchronous and real- time communication and collaboration inside regularly used platforms. Existing collaboration tools offer stand-alone functionality, creating the need for using multiple applications, work only in certain environments, aren’t secure enough for business communications. Dxchange Collaboration offers a Powerful Collaboration platform that combines the ideas and user experience of enterprise application, with support for sophisticated file sharing, document management features, task management module and user management module, which integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system.

Data Mapping is complex and challenging, and is one of the important steps of any Integration Task. DX Mapper provides a rich and powerful graphical data mapping and transformation tool to support any to any formats, along with supporting semantic mapping. Interactive debugger to assist with mapping design, allowing users to step through a single map and see the data flow at each step. Extremely flexible for complex integration tasks with ability to support multi-step mapping. Support for wide variety of structured and unstructured data, like XML, EDI, IDOC, JSON, Flat Files, CSV, PDF, Database Tables, Stored Procedure Calls etc. Use of Virtual Data Objects (normalized resource) for mapping different data structures, supporting 1 to n transformation approach. Support for auto-mapping, data enrichment, lookups & cross referencing.

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DXchange Integration Cloud is a Cloud Native Hybrid Integration Platform providing business agility to enterprises by connecting applications, data, devices both on-premises and in the cloud, enabling them to be digitally transformed. It's a Unified Integration Platform for connecting and collaborating with Any platform, Any application, Anywhere, and supports an Hybrid deployment model with Embedded Collaboration and Integrated Infrastructure Management.