Accelerate Digital Transformation using B2B

Modern B2B Integration platform supports partner ecosystem enablement by integrating their business processes and the people. Secure & Guaranteed delivery of files and messages from Enterprise Applications to those of the Business Partners. Platform supports routing, tracking, data cleansing, configuration, administration & exception handling. Visual and declarative approach in partner onboarding and management.



Trading Partner Configuration & Management

Trading Partner Management allows the users to configure the system to allow the seamless flow of data between Trading Partner Systems. Centralized location to configure Partner Identifiers, Contacts, Messages, Functional & Technical Acknowledgement parameters, Connectivity, Certificates, Trading Partner Agreements and other runtime parameters required for the document processing are configured. As requirements change frequently and organization has to be adapt to changes quickly, this solution will help the customers in expediting the onboarding process.

Monitoring, Reporting & Visibility

DXchange Application Monitoring solution provides complete visibility into Application Performance, protecting your system with real-time error detection and response time. Offers end to end transaction monitoring along with capability of replaying the data flow in the choice of environment. Intuitive Dashboard providing important insights through data mining and data analytics. KPIs to enhance and measure the organization’s strategy. 4 forms of data discovery using spreadsheets, visualization, multi-faceted search mode (data mining of both structured and unstructured data) and advanced visualization.

Elastic Connectivity

DXchange is an Elastic Network which scales and adapts to match the ever-changing data/traffic behaviour of the Trading partners. It uses “Elastic Connectivity” approach to have a secure, reliable network for partners to connect and operate. This is similar to “Elastic Computing” for the Computing layer. Irrespective of the load on the Processing Engines, Connectivity layer is always available for the Partners to connect, which is achieved through Microservices Containers architecture. Fully managed, scalable and highly available, load balanced platform, providing zero downtime for the Trading partner Connectivity.

Adapters & Cloud Connectors

Ability to securely, efficiently and reliably exchange data with business partners, with providing control and visibility over the data transport. Support for FTP/S, SFTP, AS2, SOAP and HTTP/S protocols. Library of Enterprise Application Adapters to interface with your behind-the-firewall applications from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other Specialized Vendors. Library of Cloud Connectors to interface with popular SaaS Applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, AWS, Workday, Marketo etc.

DX Xcelerate (Faster Onboarding)

Faster onboarding strategy is critical for Customer satisfaction and retention. You can accelerate time to value with faster and mass onboarding techniques. Standardized tools and templates along with Collaboration helps in Faster/Mass onboarding of Trading partners. Support for wide variety of data formats like Flatfiles, CSV, Excel, JSON, EDI X12, UNEDIFACT, IDOC, XML etc. helps in connecting and exchanging documents with Trading partners easier and faster.

DX’bot & Mobile App Support

Chatbot support for providing better interaction experience for Trading partners and Support specialists and improving the Business processes. Chatbots can be connected to a business process to perform an action for the User, whether it’s retrieving an Order status or tracking a delivery. Staying connected is critical for Customer Experience and retention. Mobile Apps provides the user real-time visibility, increased collaboration, on-the-go flexibility and dynamic tracking.

While applications remain siloed, gaining business agility and flexibility requires huge investments defeating the time to market

Now you can leverage DXchange Integration Cloud for bringing these siloes together

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DXchange Integration Cloud is a Cloud Native Hybrid Integration Platform providing business agility to enterprises by connecting applications, data, devices both on-premises and in the cloud, enabling them to be digitally transformed. It's a Unified Integration Platform for connecting and collaborating with Any platform, Any application, Anywhere, and supports an Hybrid deployment model with Embedded Collaboration and Integrated Infrastructure Management.