DXchange Integration Cloud

Application & Data Integration

Next Generation, Enterprise Ready and Cloud Native Application & Data Integration Platform

Next Generation Application & Data
Integration platform

Integration Platform that supports, ETL, Data federation, Messaging, Application Integration, Replication and Data synchronization, and Event processing with Performance, Ease of use, Security & being Cost effective, with support for both Cloud and on-premises applications.


Build, Deploy & Manage with Ease

Design & develop using Point n Click Interface, Transform using Intelligent Mapper, connect using Smart Connectors, Test & Deploy using Single Click, and Centrally Manage all aspects of the Platform including Infrastructure using single portal. Quickly integrate applications and data sources using in- built connectors and frameworks to automate your business processes.
cloud native application platform
data integration platform

Reporting & Tracking

Intuitive Dashboard providing important deep insights into the data as it flows through the system, and Analytics engine provides Diagnostic Analysis of the Business Data, enabling ease of managing and monitoring the data flows. KPIs to enhance and measure the organization’s strategy. Defining process specific SLA’s and alerting on missed SLA’s.

DX Mapper

Rich and powerful graphical data mapping and transformation tool to support any to any formats, along with supporting semantic mapping. Interactive debugger to assist with mapping design, multi-step mapping. Support for wide variety of structured and unstructured data. Use of Virtual Data Objects (normalized resource) for mapping different data structures, supporting 1 to n transformation approach. Support for auto-mapping, data enrichment, lookups & cross referencing.
data mapping tool
cloud data integration

Integrate Any Application & Any Data Source

DXchange Integration Cloud integrates heterogenous Application and Data sources, whether they are hosted on cloud, on-premises or hybrid. Seamlessly integrates multiple SaaS applications or SaaS to on-premise, or even applications hosted across complex and evolving hybrid enterprise landscapes, with DXchange’s wide variety of in-built Application and Data Connectors.

Support for multiple personas & patterns

Robust EAI platform supporting multiple message exchange patterns, synchronous and asynchronous communication, triggers, Request-response, Pub-sub, Message routing, real-time and batch processing. As there is a need for pervasive integration for the enterprises to digitally transform, need for multiple integration personas arise. DXchange makes it easy for all kinds of personas, Citizen Integrators, Ad-hoc and IT experts.
application & data integration

While applications remain siloed, gaining business agility and flexibility requires huge investments defeating the time to market

Now you can leverage DXchange Integration Cloud for bringing these siloes together

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